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Mediterranean Destination

An Unforgettable Resort Destination

Steeped in myth, legend and tradition, Cyprus has a rich cultural heritage dating back over 9000 years and today blends this history with the comforts of a contemporary European lifestyle. As the third largest island in the Mediterranean, it has long been a crossroads between three continents. The island's landscape ranges from sandy beaches to pine-covered mountains and this, combined with an ideal climate, friendly welcome and prospering economy, makes Cyprus a first choice for investing in a home away from home.

Government & International Relations

Cyprus is an independent sovereign republic with a democratic presidential system of government. Individual rights are upheld by an independent judiciary and the legal system closely follows that of Britain, with a sophisticated Land Registry Office. Cyprus is a member state of the European Union, the United Nations and the Commonwealth.

Outcome of EU Membership

EU membership means expatriate European citizens enjoy increased freedom of movement to the island; the freedom to establish businesses here, take up employment and transfer foreign exchange. Real estate prices are expected to increase and existing legal constraints on ownership of freehold property, foreign investors and company residential purchases will gradually be lifted, resulting in greater returns on property investment.

Economy & Banking

Cyprus enjoys a prosperous stable economy and a high standard of living. With full employment and rapid growth, it ranks among the high-income countries of the world, while the cost of living compares favourably to that of the UK and other European countries. Based on the British system, banks in Cyprus offer comprehensive financial services for individuals and businesses across the island and from overseas branches. Many international banks are represented in Cyprus.


The official currency of Cyprus is the Euro.

Quality of Life

With a remarkably low crime rate, 1/6 of the European average, Cyprus offers security and peace of mind for home owners. Goods and services in Cyprus are more reasonably priced, yet offer the same quality as elsewhere in Europe. Local markets sell an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and meat at a fraction of European prices, while large modern supermarkets stock a full range of local and imported goods.

Climate, Language & People

Cyprus enjoys one of the healthiest climates in the world, with mild winters, long warm summers and over 330 days of sunshine a year. English is widely spoken and the island is renowned for its warm welcome, hospitality and friendly people.

Healthcare and Insurance

Medical services in Cyprus are of a very high standard and relatively affordable. Most doctors have been educated and trained in the UK, Europe or the USA and private consultations cost around €25.


In addition to public schools, Cyprus has private elementary and secondary schools for international pupils in Limassol and Paphos, as well as other towns. Tertiary education is offered at the University of Cyprus and other private colleges in Nicosia, where accredited undergraduate and graduate courses in wide-ranging disciplines are taught in English.

International Connections

International airports in Larnaca and Paphos are served by over 30 airlines, including the island's national carrier, operating regular flights to more than 260 destinations worldwide. Shipping services through the ports of Larnaca and Limassol include cruise liners and cargo vessels, operated by the island's merchant fleet, the fifth largest in the world.


Telecommunications facilities rank third in the world with direct-dial access to over 200 countries, cell phone networks and advanced internet connections, including ISDN and ADSL. Radio, TV and satellite services are available in English, along with both local and international English language publications.


As in the United Kingdom, cars are right-hand drive and driven on the left; signs are displayed in Greek and English. A valid driver's licence from your home country or an international driver's licence permits you to drive legally in Cyprus. The extensive network of roads and motorways makes driving convenient and safe.

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