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The Village Square

A beautiful open 'agora' to start your day and a selection of international flavours to finish it. A microcosm of experiences right here, at your feet.

Stroll through the unparalleled conveniences with all necessary amenities. Do you feel it? There is something wonderfully exhilarating and yet delightfully tranquil that comes with wondering through the Resort. Start at the Resort centre…the Village Square.

Sunlife Bakery
The Sunlife Bakery provides a wide range of fresh hot and cold sandwiches, with a diverse range of ‘choose you own’ fillings. Smoothies, fresh juices and bread, pasties and numerous other delicious freshly baked items are also available. A welcoming and helpful service is provided by the friendly staff. For more information contact us Tel: +357 26 828 8111/12
Costa Coffee
As for the blend itself, that’s a closely guarded secret, but you can enjoy a cup of its distinctive flavour and a warm Italian welcome at our Costa Coffee shop located at the Village Square. For more information please contact us Tel: +357 26 956 711
The philosophy of Häagen-Dazs is simple: source the purest and finest ingredients in the world and craft them into the best ice cream sorbets and frozen yogurts. For more information please contact us Tel: +357 26 856 713
Gallery Multi Shop
Many famous brand outlets covering a huge selection of luxury items and casual apparel, including swimwear, toys and famous branded eyewear and clothes. Click here to view all outlets For further information please contact Tel : +357 26 956156 | email:
Pantopoleio Supermarket
Pantopoleio Supermarket has a diverse range of products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, dairy products, household cleaning products and much more. All products are sold at competitive prices and include special offers. A welcoming and helpful service is provided by the friendly staff. Open 7 days-a-week from 07:30am – 10.00pm Please contact us on Tel: +357 26 82 81 11 or +357 26 828 112
Orchidea Jewellery
The owner of Orchidea is the biggest jewellery manufacturer and importer to Cyprus of exclusive custom-made gold jewellery set with diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones. Aphrodite Hills Village Square (Shop 6) Please contact us on Tel: +357 99 490 804 | email:
Holiday with peace of mind and assurance knowing that the Medical Centre located at the Village Square provides daily 24-hour urgent care and outpatient services for the Resort, as well as a small pharmacy with a stock of essential medication. For more information or for an emergency please contact us Tel: +357 26 956 062 or +357 97 810 529
Extra Fun for Rent
Bicycles: Rent a bicycle and use the Resort’s private cycling routes or ride around the beauty of Cyprus.

Car Rentals: Get around Cyprus in style with Leos Car Rentals’ wide range of luxury cars to meet every traveller’s needs. Experience the future of personal mobility and fun by renting a Segway two-wheeled, self-balancing scooter.
Easy Reach
Trust our digital communication Info Kiosks for your holiday orientation around the Resort. A 24-hour ATM, is conveniently located at the Village Square.